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To reserve this offer, simply place a $5 deposit towards your Hardline button. Securing your spot with a $5 deposit locks in a 47% discount off our MSRP of $129!
Limited Time
Early Reservation $99
Regularly $129
$ 5.00 USD
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You will be charged the remaining balance when your Hardline device ships.

Here's How it Works



Hold your spot in our first shipments with a $5 deposit.

Early 2021

Order Confirmation

We'll reach out using your email or phone provided at checkout to confirm your order 4 weeks prior to shipment. If we’re unable to contact you, we’ll refund your initial deposit to the payment method used and your spot will be forfeited to the next in line.

Mid 2021

First Shipments

You will receive a delivery date during order confirmation. Initial deliveries are targeted to begin in June of 2021.

The Smartest walkie-talkie

Built for the job

Unlimited distance. Automatic transcription. Unlike emails and text messages, Hardline's push-to-talk button makes it ultra-simple to get a quick response.

Built for the job

Communicate with anyone, anywhere the push of a button.  Hardline is designed to be with you all the time and instantly ready when you need it.

When you can't hear it - read it

Hardline transcribes messages as you say them. It’s simple to follow conversations or find important information. You can add photos and videos with ease.

Talk to one person or the whole crew

Reach people regardless of what company they work for. Expand the loop by adding new voices to the conversation.

Stay organized

Organize messages through dedicated channels for everything related to a project, topic, or team. Create an unlimited number of channels with any number of participants.

100% Refund Guarantee

If you cancel your reservation, we guarantee you a full refund anytime before your Hardline button ships.

Transparent Updates

You'll receive insider updates as a reservation holder. Get a transparent view of Hardline's development as we ramp up manufacturing.

Secure Payment

All orders are processed through our secure network. Your credit card information is not stored. We respect your privacy.