Turn your phone into a lightning fast walkie-talkie with Hardline’s push-to-talk button. No more clunky radios or missed calls—just push a button and get it done.

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What People Are Saying

"I'm always in constant need to be in contact with other people I work with. Hardline allows me get in touch with them quickly and easily."
"Sometimes typing or speaking in a group is complicated. Playing back audio and reading the text allows me to communicate more accurately and much faster."
"It doesn't really add much thickness to my phone. The app is genius. It's really easy. You're getting the best of both worlds with voice and transcription!"
"I really, really, really love it! This app is amazing! I like how it's so simple."
"It's always available - I don't have to open up my phone, wake it up, unlock it, start and app - all of that can be skipped."
"Hardline makes my job easier. I make about 30 phone calls a day. Being able to communicate to all my subforemen at once saves me a ton of time."
"Hardline helps us be on the same page, which drives safety. We don't have to use the truck walkie-talkies anymore, which increases mobility on the job."
The Smartest walkie-talkie

Built for the job

Unlimited distance. Automatic transcription. Unlike emails and text messages, Hardline's push-to-talk button makes it ultra-simple to get a quick response.

Built for the job

Communicate with anyone, anywhere the push of a button.  Hardline is designed to be with you all the time and instantly ready when you need it.

When you can't hear it - read it

Hardline transcribes messages as you say them. It’s simple to follow conversations or find important information. You can add photos and videos with ease.

Talk to one person or the whole crew

Reach people regardless of what company they work for. Expand the loop by adding new voices to the conversation.

Stay organized

Organize messages through dedicated channels for everything related to a project, topic, or team. Create an unlimited number of channels with any number of participants.


Insanely simple

Hardline sets up in less than a minute. No cumbersome programming required. It just works across all cellular carriers with both Android and iPhone devices.  

Get your hardline Button

Stick the button on the back of your phone or case using the reusable nano-tape pad.

Download the hardline app

Pair the app to your attachment for instant communication.

Connect with your crew

Create channels on the fly, and join ongoing conversations. Talk live, and get things done.

Lightning Fast

when we say instant, we mean it

Being apart has never felt so close. Hardline connects you in a fraction of a second.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All the answers

Hardline is built to be the fastest, simplest way to communicate on the move.

How Far is the range?
Is there a monthly subscription?
How many people can I talk to?
Can I DeTACH it?
What's the battery life?
How does it connect to the phone?
Can I use it when it’s not attached to my phone?
What about my Phone Case?